How to reach us:


Phone: 226-946-5561

Text: 226-946-5561


Facebook: @oryansdelivery

Single Item Pickup is offered to customers who do not need an entire trailer to dispose of an item - a dresser, a mattress, even something as small as a microwave, I will come and get it - no minimums!
Bulk Item Pickup is available when you have a few items that need to go. This is great for garage clean outs, yard cleanup, home-reno debris, or even if tenants move and have some left overs. This can be done with, or without labour (we fill / you fill).
Cleanup Crew is available for those times that you are so tired of looking at the junk you just want it gone. Simply point, and our crew will load it up and haul it away. This can be added on to any bulk item pickup.
Environmentally Friendly all junk removals are processed before going to the landfill to ensure recyclable items are recycled. This is our planet, we must all do our part.