How to reach us:


Phone: 226-946-5561

Text: 226-946-5561


Facebook: @oryansdelivery

Curbside Service is the most cost effective delivery service we offer. We will pickup items from the front door/garage/driveway and deliver them to your front door/garage/driveway. You may also want to choose Curbside Service if you have friends to help you with large items such as a couch but just need a truck to transport.
Carry Service is available if you need us to remove - or carry - items from the pickup location to the drop off location, going into the premises. Carry Service is required for large items (such as a couch or appliances) when you need them brought inside.
Assembly Service is an available add on service if your goods are transported disassembled and you would like them assembled in their new home. We come equipped with our own tools and know-how to meet your needs.
Professional Service my vehicles come equipped with all the appropriate equipment to ensure the safe transport of your items. This includes dollies, straps, ramps, lights and where necessary - tarps. Regardless of which service level you chose, I will always ensure your load is secure and safely transported.