O'Ryans Delivery Inc. offers several junk removal options for our customers each at different price points. We offer Bin Rentals, Cleanout Services, Single Item Pickups, and Removal Service by the Load. We also offer removal service of special items such as Hot Tubs, Small Structures, Pallets and Pianos. 

Please use the buttons below for pricing information that can be provided over the phone to the customer. Pricing should be provided before booking an appointment for the customer.

A bin rental is where we provide a bin on wheels to the customers location for a set duration of time. The customer loads the bin with their items and we haul it away. Bin rentals are daily rentals but longer durations may be requested, subject to availability. A deposit is required for a bin rental.

Load rates are for pickups of junk that are either 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or a full trailer loads of junk. With this service we load the trailer with the customers items and haul it away. Typically used for customers that have a lot of mixed items that need to be removed.

Single item pickup is for customers that have just a couple items to be picked up - great for those customers just getting rid of a mattress, or a couple furniture items.

Cleanout service is a combination of load rates, plus labour rates for cleaning out storage lockers, apartments, houses. This is best suited to customers who may be selling a property, or need items cleared out that were left behind by a tenant, or relative. These are typically large jobs that last a few hours to complete.

Special item rates are specific to items like Hot Tubs, Pianos, etc. Pricing is provided as an estimate only, and final pricing will be provided onsite.


O'Ryans Delivery Inc. provides delivery services within the City of Windsor and Essex County. We can also pickup or deliver items outside of our local area, Ontario wide.

Delivery Rates start at $100.00 and are dependent on the load size, distance, and time to make a delivery.

Please see the delivery chart below for simplified pricing estimates.


O'Ryans Delivery Inc. can move our customers across the city, province or Canada wide. 

We cannot provide over the phone pricing for moving services, however we can book an in person consultation to review the needs of our customers and go over pricing options.

pricing information

Should a caller request pricing information, please share the information below. Ensure the caller is aware this is an estimate only and final pricing will be confirmed on site.

Rates for travel outside the city will be confirmed when we contact the caller to confirm booking.

local delivery pricing

Single Item / Small Load pricing

Single item starts at $90.00
Door to Door service starts at $65.00

For appliances see price sheet.
Additional Items range $10.00-$30.00

Maximum 5 items on small loads.

Item specific pricing in price sheet.

Delivery Load Pricing

Delivery Loads of more than 5 items are at a rate of $200.00. This includes 1.5 hours of labour (load, travel, unload). Additional hours are $155.00 per hour.

*Appliances, stairs and items requiring special care are at an additional charge, refer to price sheet.

junk removal pricing

Single item:
Full Service, pull from inside, $90.00
Curbside Service, $65.00

Additional Items: $10-$30 each

By The Load Pricing:
Please see by the load pricing sheet for current pricing

Dumpster Pricing:
Please see dumpster pricing sheet for current pricing

customer callback / booking form

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caller information

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quote/booking address information
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junk removal specific details

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Yard Waste Items
Special Handling Items
Heavy Material
Prohibited Items
delivery specific details

Please ensure that the pickup and delivery address is completed in the address section. Ask caller to indicate if there are any stairs (including porch steps). If either location is an apartment, ask if there is elevator access.

Will caller be present at pickup address?
Are items requiring any assembly/disassembly?
Is special handling/packing of fragile items required?
appointment information

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