local delivery

Let us help you get your stuff home!


At O'Ryans Delivery, it is our goal to provide you with a delivery service that can't be beat - its in our name!

O'Ryans Delivery is locally owned and operated, providing direct to you, pickup and drop off service of your appliances, furniture, electronics, or anything else too big to fit in your vehicle.

In October of 2019, we purchased an enclosed trailer - now all deliveries can be completed without the need for tarping in inclement weather. Taking out that worry of rain, snow, and ice buildup.

The difference between using a delivery service such as O'Ryans Delivery compared to a Moving Service is that because we specialize in delivering a couple items at a time rather than a whole house move, our equipment is much lighter, our overhead is lower, and our prices can be more affordable. We also have more flexibility to service our clients when they need us.

Some of the benefits of choosing O'Ryans Delivery are:

  • Affordable, flat rates without hidden fees or surprise service charges.

  • Flexible Pricing Options - Only pay for the services you need.

  • Enclosed Trailer Deliveries - All items are protected from the weather.

  • Fast, Flexible Service - Same Day Delivery often available.

  • We go the Distance - pickups and drop offs anywhere in the City, County or Province of Ontario.

  • Highly Rated - We strive to provide service that is unmatched.

We always offer two tiers of pricing so you can receive the best rate, based on the services you need.

  • Curbside Rate

    • If you need to save a few dollars, we can pickup and deliver to the curb (driveway/garage)​. You only pay for use of our vehicles, no labour. You will need to get the items inside.

  • Full Service Rate

    • Our crew will retrieve items from within one location and bring it right into the new location - no heavy lifting is required on your end. Just sit back and watch!​

If you are ready to see how O'Ryans Delivery can wow you today, feel free to reach out to us below!