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Proudly Serving
The City of Windsor

Nestled on the southernmost tip of Ontario, Canada, Windsor is a vibrant city where the charm of a close-knit community meets the energy of urban living. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Detroit River, Windsor boasts a rich history and cultural diversity that shapes its unique character.

Renowned for its friendly atmosphere, Windsor is a welcoming hub of activity, offering a blend of modern amenities and historic landmarks. From the iconic Ambassador Bridge connecting Canada to the United States to the picturesque waterfront parks, the city provides a scenic tapestry that invites both residents and visitors to explore.

Windsor is a melting pot of culinary delights, with a thriving food scene influenced by its multicultural population. Whether indulging in local specialties, international cuisines, or enjoying the thriving arts and entertainment scene, there's always something to savor.

Beyond the city's urban allure, Windsor takes pride in its commitment to green spaces, evident in its numerous parks, trails, and outdoor recreational areas. The Windsor-Essex region is also renowned for its wine country, offering a picturesque escape to vineyards and wineries.

Windsor stands as a testament to resilience and community spirit, making it a dynamic destination where the past and present harmonize, creating a place that feels like home to all who encounter its warmth and diversity.

More than Delivery Services and Junk Removal

We work here, we play here, we love here - We are your neighbour
100% Proudly Local

O'Ryans Delivery

Offering delivery services across Windsor, Essex County, and Ontario. 

Delivering small packages and parcels, courier services, live animals as well as larger items such as small freight, appliances and furniture. We specialize in expedited direct-to-you service without the need of pickup or drop off centers, we deliver right to your door, and in some cases your room of choice.

Cluster Busters_edited.png

Cluster Busters
Junk Removal

Serving the City of Windsor and Essex county, we proudly help our clients reclaim their space. Whether it is a curbside furniture/appliance pickup or an entire house clean out Cluster Busters Junk Removal will give you back your space from any unwanted junk.

Lets Move.PNG

Let's Move
Moving Services

If you're moving across the city, the county or even the province. O'Ryans Delivery can get your belongings to you safely and securely.

Award Winning Service

Windsor's Favourite Junk Removal

What we pickup and remove







Dish Washer



Water Tank


Air Conditioner




Electronic Waste




Scrap Metal


Hot Tub

Yard Waste


We take just about anything (except hazardous waste) - have something not listed here? Text or Call (226) 946-5561 for your customized quote.

Excellence In Everything We Do

Express Direct Delivery Service

Small Packages


What we pickup and deliver

Letters and Envelopes

Small Freight


Power Equipment


Excercise Equipment

Live Animals


Outdoor Items



Art and Décor


...and More!

Need to ship something not listed? Reach out for a customized quote! Text or Call (226) 946-5561

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