Moving Packages

a personalized move

All of our preset moving package rates* include a Truck with Trailer, Hand Carts, Furniture Dollies, Moving Blankets, Tie-Down Straps, and Load Securement. All moving rates are based on main floor pickup/drop off with driveway access within the City of Windsor. Each moving package can be tailored to meet your needs.

Regardless if you have the people and need a vehicle, or if you need a moving crew, we can help!

*Excluding Transport Only and Custom Moves - only a vehicle, driver, and load securement is provided.

View our packages below, for more information on a package - click the more information button.

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For a customized quote, contact us!

Transport Only



Looking for the most cost-effective way to move? You have the people but don't have the truck - this may be the package for you.

Student Move



Moving from the dorm, or moving between houses, our affordable student moves have you covered!

Basic Move



Our basic move package for smaller moves with no appliances and minimal furniture. Our team will load/unload and drive!

Small Move



Moving an apartment or small house without large appliances or a lot of furniture? Sit back and let our crew take care of your move.

Medium Move



Acquired a few things for your new place including basic appliances? This just might be what you are looking for.