Thank you for choosing O'Ryans Delivery for your Junk Removal needs.

Before our scheduled appointment, there are a few items that we must inform you of. This is our contract for service it outlines the services that we will be preforming for you, what our commitment is to you, and what role you will play to provide you with the best junk removal service!

Please read through the terms before our appointment, should you not agree to the terms notify us at least two hours before your appointment to cancel. You do not need to notify us of your acceptance of these terms, making and keeping your appointment is good enough for us.

getting ready for your appointment

Prior to your appointment, please ensure your driveway, or closest access point to the junk for removal is clear for our unit(s) to arrive. Typically a truck with trailer will arrive for your removal, space is required to safely maneuver the unit onto the property, as well as space around the unit to access it for junk removal.

Your appointment time is an appointment window. We make every effort to arrive at the scheduled time, however sometimes we may run early or late - we will contact you if changes to your appointment window is required. Please allow our crew up to one hour before and after your scheduled time for arrival. We will contact you prior to your appointment window to let you know when we are on our way, and when you can expect us to arrive.

Please ensure the pathway from the junk to our vehicle is clear of any objects to ensure the junk and our crew can safely navigate the site. If doors are required to be removed, our crew can remove them, however an assembly/disassembly fee is assessed for each door.

during your appointment

Once we arrive, simply show us where the junk is and we will get it gone. We offer both single item pricing and bulk load pricing. In addition to this, we offer discounts if you wish to self-load the junk (we haul away) as well as clean-out services for backyards, basements, garages and apartments.

Most junk removals will take less than an hour, however cleanouts are billed hourly with a minimum of two hours.

special and prohibited items

Although we will take almost anything, there are some items that carry surcharges due to the complexity of disposal and some items that require special handling that we are just not able to take. You can view an updated list of these items at .

BBQ Tank, any size
Car Tires
Grass / Sod (Bagged)
Large Oil Tank (empty)
Large Truck Tire
Light Truck/SUV Tire
Railway Tie
Tractor/Farm Tire

Special Items

Prohibited Items

Biomedical Waste
Gasoline / Oil / Fuel
Hazardous Waste
Radioactive Material

fees and payment

At O'Ryans Delivery we pride ourselves on fair and up front pricing. We will confirm pricing before we begin work. Sometimes things change when we get on site where a previous quote is irrelevant because some items no longer need to be removed, or more items need to be removed - we confirm this before we begin working so there are no surprises. You can view our single item pricing, and bulk item pricing on our website at Below lists our Junker Trailer bulk item removal pricing and our cleanout hourly rate.

Bulk Item Removal Pricing (per load)

Unit Size
Household Junk
Yard Waste
Building Materials
Junker Trailer
1/2 Trailer
Junker Trailer
3/4 Trailer
Junker Trailer

Cleanout Crew Pricing

Four Person Cleanup Crew
$120.00 per hour
minimum two hours.
Two Person Cleanup Crew
$60.00 per hour
minimum two hours.

When it comes to payment for services, O'Ryans Delivery accepts Cash (exact amount), or E-Transfers. Should you wish to send an E-Transfer please send it through email to Our crew will confirm the amount has gone through without errors before leaving.

the legal

You can review the full legal terms and conditions of our services at


Should you have any questions, or need to change an appointment, please feel free to reach out to us:

Text / Call: 226.946.5561